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How to Braai like a South African

Keep all dried meat in a cold dry place and stored in the brown paper packaging it was purchased in.

If you’re feeling adventurous and making your own biltong feel free to contact us. We have many products to help you get started making your own and are happy to offer advice!

Just like a rump steak but super-sized! Turn every five minutes until cooked to your liking!

Texan Steak

Remember, if the vacuum is out, have it within three days or freeze it for later!

Keep in coil when preparing. You should cook for about five minutes each side. Don’t overcook!


Russians, Cheese Grillers & Spare Ribs

It’s already precooked. All you need to do is warm them up, whether over on the braai, microwave or in a pan!

Want more Braai tips?

Baie Dankie!!

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