Website Orders

We deliver in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand. Orders are subject to availability.

How to Order

Please send an email to

Please include the following information:

  • The Product Code, Product name and Quantity for each item you would like to order. (You may find it easy to simply highlight and copy each product line on the website and then paste it into the email.)
    • Your name, telephone number and delivery address.


Once we've confirmed your order we will calculate the courier fee and send you an invoice with the total cost, a reference number, and payment instructions. 

Please include the reference number when you make your payment.

To speed things up, please let us know when you've paid. We will send  the consignment to you as soon as we can.

Shipping Cost

The Courier Service Charges are as follows (prices subject to change) :

Christchurch Local: $6.00 for up to 15kg

Belfast / Christchurch / Hornby / Lyttleton / Rolleston / Templeton

Christchurch Short Haul (A): $8.50 for up to 15kg

Amberly / Rangiora / Kaiapoi / Dunsandel / Ashburton / Lincoln / Akarao / Darfield

Christchurch Short Haul (B): $11.00 for up to 15kg

Kaikoura / Hamner Springs / Waiau / Cheviot / Culverden / Craigieburn / Oxford / Lake Coleridge / Methven / Geraldine / Timaru

The Rest of the South Island : $15.50 for up to 15kg

North Island : $15.50 for up to 5kg and $24.50 for parcels 6 to 15kg

Rural Deliveries (RD'S) : $6.50 Added to your standard fee per parcel

Chilli Bins

We can provide Chilli Bins at $10.50 (Large) and $6.50 (Small).  You can hand your named chilli bin in to us on your next visit to the shop and it can be re-used to send your next order.